The history of Modulnova begins 30 years ago (in 1988) in Friuli, in Prata di Pordenone, for the will and initiative of three brothers: Dario (now president of the company), Giuseppe and Carlo (both directors of the Board) Presotto. 
The Presotto family has been in the furniture world since the late 1940s (grandfather was a carpenter, his father continued with a company of bedrooms until 1987), but it is with Dario, Giuseppe and Carlo that begins the entrepreneurial adventure that today employs around one hundred employees, invoicing € 35 million a year (with 70% of customers in Italy) with an increase over the last 5 years of 30%, a production area spread over 12,000 square meters. 
Ceramic is a noble material in the true sense of the word, used over the centuries and around the world to make the fin st objects. This material is difficult to sh e and control, but to those who know how to tame it, it returns the gift of things unique in their eauty, quality, and strength. 

Cielo’s mission is to bring ceramic beyond the bounds of the known in an exploration of shapes, sizes, thicknesses, surfaces, and colors. Our products expertly merge our peerless ability to work with ceramic material with contemporary, timeless designs to achieve extraordinary results
SPA and WELLNESS for over 30 years, EFFEGIBI has been designing and manufacturing saunas and Turkish baths with state-of-the-art technology.
Linvisibile, More than meets the eye. 

Behind our work there’s a hidden Italian story of experience exclusive design. The precise technical know-how is masked by the apparent simplicity of the flush-to-wall door that, combined with a maximum level o "cuustomization”, allows fulfilling the most demanding aesthetical desires and functional expectations. 
MH Parquets respects the environment and has certificates that guarantee consumers that the wood has an eco-friendly origin.

​​​​​​​The Forest Certification is a great marketing tool that guarantees and shows consumers that the wood comes from a responsibly and sustainably managed forest. 
Combine expertise and originality: 
The peculiarities and experience fielded by Presotto manage to gain the customers why choose Presotto means to have character and elegance. The attention to detail, accuracy and robustness allow to bring out a clearer idea of ​​beauty. All this stems from a process of production all italian. The contribution of Italian and foreign designers, joined at the center of research and development, has successfully established itself in the Italian Style furniture market so admired by all. 

Technology at the service of style: 
For its implementation, Presotto has provided tools for the design of the furniture with the aim of adapting the range of products to the needs of the consumer. 
In order to fully reflect the tastes of the customer, cupboards, wardrobes, beds, living and sleeping systems, integrate with the style of the environment, while  maintaining excellent value for money even  for young couples  or families who have to furnish your first home .