Functionality and design go hand in hand

​​​​​​​Wood and stone are the ultra-modern distinguishing feature of the Blade project: dark deep smoky oak for base units, side panels and worktops produced by folding system, and anthracite Savoy stone cleverly inlaid as a single block insert (also produced by folding system) on the worktop to incorporate a cooking hob and integrated sink. Functionality and design go hand in hand.
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Real works of art

Doors (1cm thick) and 1.2cm thick box-type worktop (produced by folding system) in smoky oak with rear cut-out to accommodate a bookshelf. A monobloc anthracite Savoy stone stoneware insert on the worktop includes an integrated sink in Savoy stone and an induction cooking hob in steel and glass. The use of back panels made by folding system creates pure simple volumes, the lack of handles and plinths, heights up to the ceiling, and “disappearing” doors flush with the wall make Modulnova kitchen units real works of art.

The Bronze Dust epoxy powder lacquer on the tall units is even more resistant because it is baked in high temperature furnaces and has an aluminium honeycomb support. Large floor to ceiling doors (with customisable heights from 240cm to 270cm) without plinths and handles (push-pull opening) alternate with 15cm protruding doors to create a niche that can be faced with side and back panels in different finishes and provided with dimming LED illumination.
Nothing stays in the past and the concept of the peninsula has evolved: made in solid wood slats with threaded rods and special inlays, one side stands on the kitchen worktop, where it creates an absolutely innovative designer corner.

Innovation and tradition

Blade brings innovation and tradition in its design and choice of materials; resin, stoneware and distressed wood, materials from the past reminiscent of unforgettable experiences that warm our hearts and take us back to the most classical dimensions found in the niche boiserie panels and the 8cm thick large shelves in distressed larch.